My calendar says it's Fall but don't tell my almanac. I hope this 'Fall' weather never stops! We're hitting the upper nineties and even reaching triple digits.

Not to be a negative Nancy but the weather won't always be this balmy. Before you know it the calendar will be flip over to December and old man winter will let his presence known. It doesn't hurt to have a plan prepared for your belongings.

Winter Storage It's hard enough maintaining your home. Whether you live in an apartment and have limited storage space or a house with a garage it seems like more and more clutter gathers year after year. Summer and Fall are great times to enjoy the outdoors and the lake. But once the mercury in the thermostat takes a nosedive it's time to give your outdoor equipment a break for the year.

Courtesy Moving Service has your solutions for household storage in Fresno. Storage at a moving company is much cost effective than at self-storage. We securely pack your belongings at store them in our secure storage facilities. Then when Spring comes around next year you can come back to your stored belongings. Ideas of things to store are: -Bikes -Boats -Kayaks -Patio furniture -and much more

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