Those not from the Fresno area may never have heard of Parlier. This centrally-located California town was born as an agricultural community in 1876 and has transformed into a community boasting a diverse economy. The ideal location and revitalization of the town has made it quite attractive to many, and Parlier movers have had a ringside seat to watch the town’s population grow. 


Parlier Location

Located about equal distance from Los Angeles (210 miles) and San Francisco (199 miles), Parlier is a perfect choice for people who want easy access to California’s biggest attractions while still enjoying a small-town vibe. Major attractions, such as Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, and Kings Canyon, are just a couple of hours drive from Parlier.

The easy commute to Fresno makes Parlier an attractive option for that city’s labor force. The median home price in Fresno is $201,000. That’s still quite low compared to other California cities, but the median price in Parlier is just $145,000. It’s easy to see why the town, which is just a 25-minute commute to Fresno, is so appealing - especially to young families.

Parlier Activities

Camping, fishing, hiking, and boating can all be enjoyed nearby. Kings River is a popular spot for enjoying some of the many outdoor activities easily available to residents of Parlier. Surely, the chance for an active lifestyle is another thing that appeals to the young families and singles who are making Parlier their home.

Perhaps it was the fact that Parlier is such a haven for activity that helped the town turn out some notable sports heroes. NBA Hall of Famer Vern Mikkelson was born in Parlier as was LA Dodgers player Red Adams.

Parlier Jobs

While not the farming town it once was, grapes and fruit trees are still grown in the town.  Residents of Parlier don’t have to go far to find wonderful, locally-grown organic grapes and more. Once the majority of residents worked in farming, but this isn’t the case today. Yes, there are still farms and farm jobs, but many residents take advantage of the easy commute to Fresno and then, at the end of the work day, head back home to their homes in Parlier.

Parlier Growth

In 2000, Parlier had 11,145 residents. Today, there are more than 15,000. This impressive growth can be attributed, in part, to the revitalization the town’s neighborhoods and businesses have enjoyed since they became a Federal Rural Renewal Community. This status allowed Parlier to use federal tax incentives to spur along positive growth and change in the community.

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