Moving is never easy. Between the packing and logistics, relocation can be a major headache. One way to relieve that stress is proper planning and organization. As part of that planning process, consider packing a suitcase filled with the essentials to get you through the moving transition. This will not only reduce stress on moving day, but also help ease the transition to your new place. Here are five steps you should take when packing your moving suitcase:

1.  Choose the Right Suitcase

Whether you are moving with the help of some friends or have hired a Fresno moving company, you will want to pack your essential items in a designated suitcase for easy access. If you are moving across town, you may only need clothes for a few days that will fit in a small bag, but if you are moving across country, a larger suitcase may be needed.

2.  Check the Weather Before Packing

Take a few minutes to look at the extended forecasts for your current location and destination. Maybe you are moving to a totally different climate and will need to pack accordingly. Once you check out the weather, set aside outfits for each day of moving you anticipate, plus a few extra to wear while you unbox and settle into your new place.

3.  Include Personal Hygiene Items

Plan as though you are going on vacation. What personal hygiene items do you need? Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, and a hair brush are must-haves, but make sure to tailor your list of essential sundries based on your anticipated needs.

4.  Pack a Spare Set of Sheets

After a big day of moving, you’ll need a good night’s sleep—but you may not have the patience to sift through suitcases and boxes to find your bedding items. Streamline your bed-making on night one by packing a set of sheets in your moving suitcase.

5.  Prepare Your Moving Day Outfit

Prior to moving day, set aside a comfortable outfit that you’d like to wear—especially if you are moving on a hot day and need breathable fabric to keep you cool while loading and unloading your possessions. You don’t want to accidentally pack it away and then have to unpack your suitcase on the morning of your move.

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