Whether it's your first move or your fifth move, you may be wondering when you should begin contacting Fresno moving companies for a free estimate. Although many people think it's best to contact companies as soon as possible, that may not be the right choice for saving you time and money. Let's go over some of the key elements to planning a successful relocation and a good timeframe for inquiring for estimates.

Gather Information and Inquire Promptly

Contrary to your first instincts, reaching out to moving companies as soon as the idea of moving enters your mind is probably not the best use of your time. Instead, be patient and wait until you have all the important information together before requesting an estimate.

A good time range to shoot for is between 4-8 weeks before your Fresno move date. This range gives you time to compare moving quotes from various companies and make a decision before they get booked. If you're moving during a holiday weekend, be sure to request a quote as far in advance as possible so the moving company can ensure there will be ample movers available for your date. Some things to know before your inquiry may include the following:

  • Moving Date: Although you won't need to commit to a specific day and time during the estimate process, it's still important to tell the moving company an approximate date. This allows them to give you a more accurate price range for services during a specific time of year.
  • Moving Requirements: Take note of any delicate belongings, heavy furniture, or fragile glassware that need to be moved. Specialized moving requests can influence the cost of the estimate that you receive.
  • Storage Needs: Many moving companies also offer storage services which can be convenient for relocating locally or long distance. Make sure to fill this out in your estimate to receive an accurate cost for a combined moving and storage package.
  • Distance Traveling: One of the most important parts of requesting a free estimate is the distance that you'll be moving. Moving down the street can be significantly cheaper than moving across the country.
  • Personal Budget: Having a rough idea of a budget will be helpful when deciding what services, you can and cannot afford. If you have no budget, you'll be able to get a comprehensive full-service package for a hands-off move.

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