Courtesy Moving and Storage knows that there’s a lot more to “moving” than simply packing up boxes and renting a truck. In addition to our extensive list of local, residential and long-distance relocation services, did you also know that we can help with hotel moving as well?

Our experienced Fresno FF&E crew brings decades of combined experience to your home, office or building, providing installation, space planning, relocation and product expertise to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Most recently, our team has been working with a local Motel 6 chain in Fresno while they undergo renovations. We have helped them remove all furniture, fixtures and equipment from the space and have kept all items safely stored in one of our secure, state-of-the-art warehouses. Once all the construction and renovations are complete, our team will go back into the motel and reinstall all of the furniture and belongings. With the help of Courtesy Moving, Motel 6 will be able to get back up-and-running fast, with limited downtime.

At Coutesy Moving and Storage, we are dedicated to helping you with all types of moving and storage—from apartment changes and downsizing to hotel moving and FF&E, and everything in between! To find out more about all the comprehensive services options we can offer you for your next move, call one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts today!

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