Just south of Fresno, Hanford boasts a small-town feel with plenty of beautiful greenery and culture to boot. For those looking to delve into the agricultural industry with modest home prices, Hanford is a must-consider place to make your residence. As our Hanford movers at Courtesy Moving & Storage know, this small city boasts plenty little-known hidden gems and facts that are important for any future-Hanford resident to know.

The History – The land of Hanford was inhabited for several thousand years before it was given the name we know it by today. The Tachi Yokut Indians had already established permanent villages in the area before James Madison Hanford laid down the foundations for a bustling town with a railroad in 1877. Now it still remains an important commercial center for agriculture today.

The Culture – Hanford provides residents with plenty of cultural immersion outside of the realm of agriculture. From a variety of performances at the Temple Theater to the Moon Festival at the China Alley Historic District, or from the historic Hanford Carnegie Museum established in 1903 to the much more modern Kings Art Center, there is hands-on learning and fun for families and children all year.

The People – As your leading Hanford residential movers, we not only help those coming to the city but those moving within the city limits as well. Hanford has a diverse population that spans many ethnic diversities and is a community of individuals that share a love for the outdoors. Hanford offers new residents a higher than average median household income as well as security with affordable housing.

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