Moving takes a lot of planning, but you probably know that already. Some of the planning can be fun, like searching for your dream home and finding fun things to explore once you’re settled in. Although a positive focus on the future is great, preparing your current home for the move ahead will make the entire process much more enjoyable. Here are some useful tips:

Take an Inventory of Your Belongings

A moving inventory lists all of your household belongings. This might seem tedious, but it is far from futile. A moving inventory helps you to get organized. For example, you can easily decide which items are going and which items need to be donated or thrown away. Listing your belongings also makes it easier to grasp your packing and storage needs and calculate moving costs.

Purge Your Home of Clutter

What does clutter mean to you? Maybe it’s clothing that no longer fits or has adorned your closet for over a year without use. Maybe you have extra appliances, old furniture, or a general surplus of belongings you’ve accumulated over the years.

Parting with your property can be difficult but finding a new home for unused items will make moving much simpler and more affordable. You can:

  • Donate food and nonperishable food items to local organizations.
  • Host a garage sell to make a little money towards your moving expenses.
  • List your items for sale through social media or other buy/sell sites online.

Pack What You Can

Whether you’re packing your entire household yourself of not, it’s a good idea to get some packing done early. You can begin by packing non-fragile items that you won’t need in the near future like out-of-season clothing, linens, books, children’s toys, and family games. When your moving day approaches, pack a box of essentials that you will need once you’ve arrived at your new home.

Set Essential Items Aside

There are things you will need during your move and before you’re ready to start unpacking. Create a box or bag for on-the-move items like your phone, laptop, and a few items of clothing. Create another box for items you will need as soon as you move in including basic cooking utensils, towels, bedding, and toiletries.

If you’re moving with kids, prepare some snacks and games they can enjoy during travel and consider some ways they might entertain themselves while you’re busy unpacking.

Prepare Your Home for Movers

Last but not least, get your home ready for the big day! If you hire full-service movers, ask them which home-prepping services they offer. For example, some movers provide complimentary furniture wrapping and flooring/doorway protection. Otherwise, here are some simple steps you can take that will make moving day much easier:

  • Move large household items around to allow for easy maneuvering.
  • Provide a safe route in and out of your home by removing any obstacles such as furniture, leaves, and debris.
  • Remove wall-hanging items like paintings, mirrors, and clocks.
  • Have plenty of water and other refreshments on hand, especially if you’re moving during the summer.

Do You Need Long-Distance Movers?

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