While hiring Fresno long-distance movers when moving your large, fragile items is an excellent step, you might want to venture out yourself. There’s no harm in that, but you have to exercise more care than usual if you don’t want to be short of a few valuable items. That’s because moving them the wrong way can lead to several mishaps, including breakage and damage. 

When moving, some of your valuables pass through many hands, and without clear indications on how they should be treated, it’s difficult to keep them safe. To this end, there are some helpful tips you can adopt during a move to protect your fragile items. 

The Best Tips for Moving Large, Fragile Items

1. Use Plenty of Cushioning

Having your large smart TV and mirrors exposed when not properly covered leaves one outcome—damage. What you can do is bubble wrap your fragile items so that all breakable parts are covered and protected. Go ahead to line the bottom of the boxes holding these items. Tissue papers and towels are other options you can use. When you’ve placed the items in the box, still fit them in by covering every space with more soft materials. Doing that ensures that shakes and sudden heavy movements don’t expose your fragile items to breakage. 

2. Use the Most Appropriate Boxes 

It’s possible to take all the necessary precautions when packing your fragile items and still damage them when you don’t use the appropriate boxes. For example, you can’t place your statue and smart TV in the same box. Each should go into sturdy boxes meant exclusively for them. Items like TV screens that have their original boxes should be placed there during a move. Thick boxes with the right support from tapes can protect your large, fragile items. 

3. Place Bigger Items in First

Your biggest fragile items should go in first. That’s a general rule of thumb that you should remember because it’s no use placing smaller breakables underneath their bigger counterparts. Packing and moving require care and attention to detail. Carefully sort through the much larger items before placing others according to their sizes. 

4. You Don’t Need to Rush

When moving your large items, take all the time you need to get things right. Your items are important, and you wouldn’t want to put them at risk while packing with a hurried process. Be careful and aware of what you’re doing without cutting corners to get things done faster. A mistake is not far off when everything is done at a faster pace. 

5. Engage a Professional Service

When it all looks daunting, there’s no harm in looking for the best residential movers in Fresno. A reliable moving company has the resources, personnel, and other important factors to help you move your large, fragile items. Also, they have the best equipment, such as boxes for large-screen TVs, custom wood boxes, and moving pads. 

6. Take Precautionary Steps to Keep Your Items Safe

Since your large, fragile items are an investment to you, there are several steps you can take to protect them. Firstly, you can take pictures of them before handing them over to a reliable moving and storage company. Secondly, take inventory of the items and pay for full valuation coverage. This way, you get reimbursed for the replacement value when the company breaks or damages your fragile items. 

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