If you’re planning on moving your household anytime soon, timing your move right can make a huge difference. Sometimes, factors like getting a new job or starting school don’t allow you to choose when you can move. If you have more flexibility in your moving schedule, however, moving your household in the off-season comes with a lot of benefits.

The Fresno long-distance movers at Courtesy Moving and Storage have over 40 years of experience moving households and businesses all across the United States and even internationally. We’ve learned a thing or two about moving over the years, including the benefits of moving during the off-season.

4 Reasons Why You Should Move During the Off-Season

Due to favorable travel conditions and kids being out of school, May through September is the peak season for the moving industry. However, if you aren’t on a strict moving schedule, the household moving experts at Courtesy Moving and Storage recommend moving during the off-season, particularly during the winter months. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. More Flexibility 

Whether you’re planning on working with a professional moving company or just renting a trailer,  moving your household during the off-season offers more flexibility. Since not many households move during the winter months, you’ll get to pick a moving date that works best with your schedule. 

2. Faster Delivery

If you need short-term or long-term household storage during your upcoming move, you’ll benefit from fast delivery times. Since not everyone wants their items delivered at the exact same time, your items will arrive at your new home in no time.

3. Save Money

Since moving companies and rental services aren’t as busy from October through April, you’ll likely be able to save some money through seasonal discounts and promotions. 

4. Less-Competitive Market

The summer months is when the real estate market is the most competitive. Instead of trying to find a house when everyone else is, moving during the off-season will be a lot less stressful. Plus, you may get your house for a more favorable price. 

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