As an award-winning moving company in California and an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, our team from Courtesy Moving & Storage is here to help you. Our experienced crew understands how important it is to stay safe and prevent injuries during a move. That’s why our California long-distance movers are going to share our best tips with you so you can avoid falls, bruises, and other ailments on your journey. 

Make Sure You’re Rested and Ready to Go 

Starting the day off right is crucial for a successful, stress-free and injury-free moving day. Feeling your best helps you feel more aware of your surroundings. Before every moving project, our team at Courtesy Moving & Storage provides our clients with a friendly, customer-oriented experience by: 

  • Getting the Right Amount of Sleep Before the Project 
  • Eating a Filling Breakfast 
  • Staying Hydrated with Water and Other Hydrating Beverages 

Do Some Light Stretching 

All our residential movers in California agree that no one wants to pull a muscle on moving day. One way to prevent yourself from pulling a muscle is to do some light stretching before you start moving. Make sure to stretch your arms, shoulders, back, and legs before lifting heavy boxes. 

Wear the Right Clothes 

Practicality is key when it comes to moving safely. To keep your clothes from catching on pieces of furniture and the corners of boxes all day, wear clothes that are flexible but not baggy. Always wear close-toed shoes, too, in case something happens to fall on your foot. 

Use Equipment to Help You Move Heavy Items 

Sometimes it’s best to rely on equipment to do the heavy lifting for you. Using a hand truck, flat dolly, and lifting straps will help you safely transport furniture and heavy boxes to the moving truck. Lots of this equipment is available for rent, too! 

Keep the Floor Safe 

One of the most important methods to preventing injuries is to keep your pathways clear. There should always be a clear path between the furniture you’re transporting and the moving truck. Make sure extra items and loose carpets aren’t taking up floor space while you’re trying to get around. 

Call Our California Long-Distance Movers to Learn More! 

At Courtesy Moving & Storage, our residential movers in California would like to give you even more tips for staying safe during your move. Our highly skilled professionals have earned our moving company BBB-accredited status, and with our experience we know we can help however you need. To learn more, please call our California long-distance movers now or fill out our easy online form!