When you think of a household move, you might be worried about your electronics or furniture. You ensure they’re carefully packaged and protected. The truth is fabrics can often get damaged in a residential relocation too. Here are a few tips to help you protect your fabric.

Canvas Artwork & Antique Furniture

Artwork can be pricey but, unfortunately, delicate. Canvas artwork with no backing on it may require specialty crating options. Likewise, those irreplaceable antique chairs with fabric coverings deserve a conversation with your residential mover about custom crating.

Mattress and Box Springs

A mattress and box spring take up a lot of space and tend to rub against things during a household move. You can buy plastic mattress covers that protect against light activity, but stronger materials can also be used. A cardboard mattress box is the strongest option here.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

You'll want to shrink-wrap the material if you have accent chairs, ottomans, or any furniture with leather coverings. Using shrink wrap will protect these items from dirt or scuffs. Professional movers will have extra padding to band around bulky furniture once it’s in the truck.

Casual Clothing

The clothes that you wear every day don’t need much attention. Most of it can just stay in the drawers of your dresser. If you do box casual wear clothing, remember that heavy materials such as denim or leather will weigh a box down. Consider spreading these items throughout multiple boxes.

Formal Wear

If you have formal wear such as suits or evening dresses, you don’t want them to get wrinkled in the move. Consider placing these items on a hanger inside a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are typically available at your local moving supply store.


You can always leave behind curtains you aren’t sure will fit in the new home. However, custom curtains are expensive, and you might wish to take them. In that case, fold them over a hanger and place them in a wardrobe bag for safekeeping.

Cherished Items

Suppose you have sentimental items such as a quilt or seasonal decorations. The safest place to move these items is a durable plastic tote. Not only will the tote help protect your cherished belongings during a move, but it’ll also come in handy as storage throughout the year.

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