What is the difference between a moving broker and a moving company? Which is best for your upcoming relocation? These are questions worth considering, because the choice that you make can affect the cost, safety, and convenience of your move.

What is a Moving Broker?

Moving brokers are not residential movers. They act between you and the moving company, selling your relocation to the best bidder. This means they do not handle any of the details of your move, such as packing, transportation, and storage. They are not qualified or responsible for the safety of your belongings. Additionally:

  • They do not own or lease moving trucks, vans, equipment, or storage space.
  • Moving brokers are not licensed relocation professionals.
  • Brokers do not offer reimbursement for damaged items.

Are There Benefits to Hiring a Moving Broker?

There is little to no benefit in using a moving broker other than the convenience of having someone book your moving company for you. They are good at finding the lowest bidder—or that is the claim. Although they might find a low bid, you have to pay the broker along with the moving company, so you could wind up paying more than if you booked the job yourself. Here are additional risks:

  • If the broker is unable to sell the job for any reason, then you’re stuck without the help that you need when the day of your move arrives.
  • Many moving scams are associated with moving brokers, like overcharging or holding your items hostage. If you do want to use a moving broker, make sure that they are registered with the FMSCA.

Why is it Better to Hire a Moving Company?

The bottom line is that a moving broker does not have the same expertise as a moving company, and their promises are often paper thin, leading to lost time and money—or worse yet—entanglement with moving scammers. On the other hand, hiring a professional moving company offers the following benefits:

  • Licensing for Interstate Moves: Moving companies must be authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It’s easy to check whether a mover is licensed. Just go online to protectyourmove.gov.
  • Damaged Item Protection: Law requires moving companies to offer reimbursement based on the weight of the items damaged. Many movers offer full valuation coverage options as well.
  • Supporting Local Economy: Most brokers work online through call centers, while movers are members of local communities, so working with a mover puts resources into the local economy.
  • Public Reviews: It is easy to find reviews for moving companies on Google, Facebook, and with the Better Business Bureau. Verifying the reputation of a broker is more challenging.

Are You Looking for Long-Distance Movers?

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