Moving is stressful—not just for you, but for your pets too. Courtesy Moving and Storage is a trusted, comprehensive relocation company in the Fresco Metro area. We’ve helped families of all sizes complete successful moves and have learned some tips along the way. Here are a few useful tips you can use to make your relocation easier for you and your little ones.

Find a Pet Sitter You Can Trust

While residential movers can handle most of your items, they can’t always take care of your pets too. Moving day means trudging around heavy furniture and leaving your door open so you can come in and out quickly. All of this can be dangerous and stressful for your pets!

When you begin planning your local move, research local sitters your pets will be happy with. Oftentimes, this means leaving them with a close family member or friend. There are plenty of reputable pet sitters you can find with proper research.

Have Pet Supplies Ready

When packing up your house, don’t forget about your pet’s favorite toys and necessary foods. It’s helpful to pack a box of ready-to-go items with essential supplies such as their bed, a portion of food ready to go, and something that reminds them of home. Having things your loved one will need as soon as you get to your new home makes the move less stressful for both of you. Don’t forget to have supplies to last them during the trip too!

If you’re moving further away, look for long-distance movers that are trained in pet shipping. Pet shipping companies know how to professionally transport your pet safely! You can also use a transportation service to securely pack and deliver any cages and aquariums that need extra protection.

Plan for When Your Pet Arrives

Relocating doesn’t end when you get to your new home. As part of your move, you need to find local doctors, banks, and other necessary services. Some important services you can research when planning is:

  • Quality Veterinarians and Emergency Pet Hospitals
  • State and County Regulations for Your Exotic Animals
  • International Pet Transportation Restrictions

Research a Moving Company That Can Help with Your Move

A relocation company can help alleviate your stress during a move. From custom planning to furniture assembly, Courtesy is Fresno’s moving and storage company. Get your free moving quote today when you complete our online form!