Relocating to a new home is sometimes a scary and confusing experience for young children. Even older kids don’t like the prospect of pulling up roots and trying to start fresh at a new school and neighborhood.

If you are looking for ways to help your little ones adjust to their new home after a long-distance move, there are several strategies to try out.

Increase the Amount of Time You Spend with Them

Kids thrive best in an environment where they feel comfortable, and things are familiar to them. Even if you are moving to a new home, you can still give them that comfort through added attention and plenty of family time. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a point of spending a few minutes with your children after they get out of school every day.
  • Sit down to dinner or another meal with the kids at a consistent time every day.
  • Schedule a family game night every week when you play board games, games outside, or sit down to a multiplayer video game.

Decorate Your Home with the Kids

Get your children involved in decorating their own rooms after you move. This will help them get invested in the home and start creating positive associations right away.

Some ideas can include:

  • Picking out the color themes for their rooms.
  • Helping to unpack boxes of their things.
  • Choosing where their own furniture goes and where their belongings go.
  • Going to the store with you to pick out one or two decorative items.

Explore the New Neighborhood

Taking time with the kids to explore your community and the immediate neighborhood around your home can be helpful. Go on walks around the block to familiarize the kids with their local neighborhood. Also take them with you on short drives around town, so they can better understand the community at large.

Participate in Community Activities

After you have unpacked everything and had a chance to relax after the move, it’s time to start building relationships within the community. Part of this will involve enrolling the children in school, but you can also participate in community activities and after-school activities. This will give them something fun to look forward to and increase their chances of making new friends in the area.

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