When you and your family are gearing up for a long distance move from Fresno, whether it’s intrastate, nationwide or even international, there’s a lot of necessary preparation, organization, packing and a host of other activities that need to be done to ensure the success of a move. With so many things to do, it’s no surprise that you have questions. With Courtesy Moving and Storage, we can help make sure that your relocation goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Here, our team breaks down a few of the most common long distance moving questions we’ve come across in our nearly 100 years in business:

Fresno Long Distance Movers

Q: How can I easily move my family long distances?

A: Start to prepare as early as possible to cut down on unnecessary stress during a long distance move. With families especially, leaving enough time to pack up your home, make arrangements for the movers, schooling, child care, pets and or other obligations is essential. You can also consider shipping some of your belongings to your new home or putting them in storage to make the big moving day a little less overwhelming.

Q: What are tips for moving out of state with children?

A: Keep them occupied! Before, during and after a move, keeping children well equipped with toys, games and other activities will help them stay safely out of the way of movers, boxes, etc. and also allow you time to pack and get ready for your family’s relocation. If possible, consider taking up friends and family members on offers to babysit to allow the older members of your family uninterrupted time to prepare to move.

Q: If I’m relocating a full household state to state, what moving services do I need?

Courtesy Moving and Storage makes it easy to select only the moving services that your particular family needs—and nothing that you don’t. We offer a range of available options, including full-service packing, custom crating, short and long term storage options, specialized moving and much more. You can speak to one of our friendly representatives who can help guide you through the entire intrastate moving process, step by step.

Q: How can I best prepare for a nationwide move?

Whenever you’re moving nationwide (especially with a family!), it’s important to call your moving company to set up an appointment as early as possible. Allow at least 8 weeks before your necessary moving date to give the moving team and your family enough time to plan and prepare for the big day. Be sure and talk to your contact about any special accommodations you may need so he or she can arrange for those, as well.

For even more answers about moving long distances, moving with small children or relocating in general, call the experts at Courtesy Moving and Storage. After nearly a century in the moving and storage industry, our team have the experience, skills and equipment to help you get anywhere in the world you need to go, quickly and easily. Call us or fill out our quick form to get started on your next long distance move!

Moving your family long distance
Moving your household long distance