In today’s highly competitive business world it’s hard to keep good employees on staff and even harder to maintain a strong profit margin. Companies are looking for every possible edge they can get to remain relevant and successful. Some are even turning to the idea of relocating to another state for better tax rates and employee retention.

There are three tax-friendly states that also boast several attractions and lots of benefits for employees too. These states include:

  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina

A little research will show that these parts of the country provide access to resources beneficial to your company and an exceptionally low tax rate. With our Fresno, CA commercial movers to help out, a corporate relocation to one of these areas can also be smooth and easy. 

How You Can Lower Your Income Taxes Through a Business Relocation

Before you decide to move the company headquarters, here’s a quick snapshot of the tax rates of these states provided by the Tax Foundation non-profit:

Florida Tax Rates

  • Corporate Tax: 4.45%
  • Personal Income Tax: 0%

North Carolina Tax Rates

  • Corporate Tax: 2.5%
  • Personal Income Tax: 5.25%

Nevada Tax Rates

  • Corporate Tax: 0%
  • Personal Income Tax: 0%

Other Benefits of Moving to these Low-Tax States for Employees

Each of these states also have other benefits and features that help encourage your employees to move with the company or make it easier to attract potential new hires. They have good weather for much of the year, even North Carolina has a fairly temperate winter. 

Your employees and their families will also find plenty of activities and attractions to entertain. For instance, Nevada is home to Las Vegas, the City of Lights, and Florida has the family-friendly Disney World theme park.

How Courtesy Moving & Storage Can Help with Your Business Move

Our Fresno business movers are also equipped with the resources and training needed to easily complete long-distance moves for our business clients. We’ll pair your staff with a move coordinator who will oversee the planning and implementation of the entire corporate relocation. 

You can also expect tailored moving services from us, like:

  • Full-Service Packing 
  • Fragile-Only Packing
  • Custom Crating 
  • Free Stretch-Wrapping of Furniture
  • Use of Doorway and Floor Protection
  • Valuation Insurance Options
  • Modular/Systems Furniture Installation
  • Reconfiguration
  • Custom Space Planning Services

How Our Team Can Help with Your Employee Relocations Too!

We’re also here to streamline your employee relocations to help staff navigate the challenges of a move for work. As agents of Wheaton Van Lines, we are able to coordinate moves across vast distances for customers. Our residential moving services also cover a comprehensive range of needs, including:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Piano Shipping
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Third-Party Services
  • Long-Term or Short-Term Storage Services

Have your human resources department reach out to us about managing the moves of your entire staff to a new part of the country. Or, just have one or two employees work with us directly to complete their long-distance moves.

The decision to move your company to another state for any reason is a big one. It doesn’t have to be a process your company tries to carry out alone. Just turn to Courtesy Moving & Storage for more information about our commercial moving services. All you need to do is fill out our online form or give us a call to ask a representative about a free quote today.