We should all be doing more to live sustainably and lessen our impact on our planet. Sometimes it is easy to adopt greener methods. And sometimes you really must think outside the box. For example, when it comes to moving to a new home, it takes a big truck to move your belongings. And big trucks use diesel fuel. Every transportation company must abide by emissions regulations, but still every truck on the road is contributing to the problem and not the solution

While there may not be a green alternative to moving trucks, we’ve asked our local Fresno long distance movers for some tips that can help offset the carbon load that your move puts on the earth, and here is what we found. The residential movers in Fresno offered suggestions ranging from what the company could do differently to make your move environmentally friendly to how the company greens its routines on a daily basis.

How Moving Companies are Pitching in for Sustainability

According to Fresno long distance movers, most companies can provide reusable alternatives for packing materials that can reduce the amount of moving waste that goes to a landfill. For example, you can ask for reusable wardrobe boxes and plastic crates instead of disposable corrugated boxes. And you can choose to use blankets and rubber bands instead of plastic and Styrofoam sheets.

Some companies will even take it one step further and offer the option of combining smaller shipments from different customers in a single truck to save on fuel usage and reduce emissions. For individuals and small households, this is a good option. 

And that’s just what the moving company can do for you. Companies that have embraced sustainability as a value often have prominent recycling programs in their offices and warehouses. You can look for companies that encourage the use of paperless office systems and recycling for packing materials. Ask about the cleaning products they use in their facilities and trucks and about how they service their vehicles. If the company is making intentional efforts to conduct business sustainably, they will voluntarily use green label products that are neutral to the environment.

What You Can do to Help Green Your Moving Routine

And ask any of the residential movers in Fresno, there is plenty that you can do to make your move more environmentally friendly before the moving truck shows up. Begin by pairing down your belongings so that you aren’t using more truck space than what is necessary. This means disposing of or donating anything from old paint and chemicals to extra clothing and food. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Check EPA Guidelines: Properly disposing of old paint, oil, and chemicals is important for protecting the environment.
  • Recycle Electronics: Don’t send your old tube television sets to the landfill, it’s probably against the law and it’s bad for the environment.
  • Donate: Clothing and household items can go to your local charitable resale shop and non-perishable foods can go to a food pantry.
  • Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle: Start packing with reusable plastic totes instead of boxes and towels instead of cushioned packing materials.

At the end of the day, being greener is a conscious choice. You can choose to work with a professional moving company that invests in sustainable practices, or you can choose to be limited by what moving companies have always done.

Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company in Fresno

If you’re onboard with making your next move a little more green, Courtesy Moving & Storage in Fresno is here to help you clean up your old moving habits. As a proud partner of Wheaton World Wide Moving we can help you move wherever you need to go. Our Fresno local and long-distance movers can lend a hand with packing, moving, and storage needs for any type of move. We offer residential and commercial moving services for one person or an entire company. Call our office today to begin planning your next move.