It's finally time to move! You've been planning and packing, and now it's all coming together. But before you can start your new chapter in life, you have to make sure your old one is taken care of. One of the most important things to do during a move is protecting your house. The experienced residential movers here at Courtesy Moving and Storage are here to provide some helpful tips to keep your home safe during the move. 

Essential Lawn Protection

Many homes have walkways that lead to their home, and the walkway usually cuts through the lawn. On moving day, movers will be walking through your lawn to move items out of your home. To protect your lawn, be sure to place down protective coverings like:

  • Cardboard

  • Plywood

  • Particle Boards

If you have any stationary landscaping items on your lawn that you are worried might get knocked over, make sure to move them away from the main walking area of your lawn. 

Cover Your Floors 

With so many people walking around your home on moving day, it can be pretty easy for your flooring to get dirty. No matter if you have wood or carpet flooring, you still need to cover them for protection from dirt. Lay down a particle board or even plastic wrapping on your flooring to catch all the dirt that may be tracked in the shoes of movers. If you don’t have any protective floor covering, don’t worry as a professional moving company will usually have particle boards at their disposal. 

Protect Your Wood Fixtures

Wood fixtures, such as doors and stairwell banisters, are at risk of getting damaged on moving day as navigating around them can become difficult with larger items. To help protect your wood fixtures, cover them with cushioned items such as:

  • Towels 

  • Blankets

  • Rags

The last thing you want is dents and scratches on your wood fixtures, so be sure that they are covered before moving day. 

Remove Any Hanging Decor

Decor, such as frames and racks, are at risk of being knocked over on moving day. Movers may have to carefully move large items outside, and sometimes they might not always be aware of other items that are hanging on your wall. It’s recommended for you to take down all window and wall decor so that way movers don’t have to worry about knocking them down. 

Protecting Against Spills

Any containers that are prone to spilling should be sealed before moving day to prevent any long-term stains from getting on your floors. Imagine a whole container of bleach just spilling all over your floor. It will be a pain to get that cleaned up when all you should be worried about is focusing on moving to your new place. 

Dispose Of Fuels And Chemicals In Your Garage 

Your garage houses a variety of outdoor essentials from plant fertilizer to your lawn mower. Since moving companies won’t be able to move fuels, chemicals, and soils, make sure that they are properly disposed of before moving day. Doing so will save your movers time to complete your move. 

Trusted Residential Movers 

With professionally trained and certified local and long distance movers, Courtesy Moving and Storage is your go-to residential moving company for all of your home and apartment moving needs. Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about our moving services and fill out our online form to request a free quote!