Handling a move, yourself can be stressful because of the amount of packing and planning that you have to do. Fortunately, to alleviate this stress, you can hire a team of experienced residential movers to help take care of your move for you. Although a good moving company has the team and equipment to confidently perform your move, there are items that they aren’t able to move. Today, the movers here at Courtesy Moving and Storage will provide some tips to help with planning for items that moving companies won’t move.

Items In Your Living Room & Bedrooms

There are likely items in your living room and bedrooms that may not be moved by moving companies. From plants and personal firearms to jewelry and certain electronics, your living and bedrooms have many items that moving companies won’t. Plants won’t likely survive the trip in the moving truck, firearms can be hazardous to transport, and jewelry and certain electronics can get damaged if transported with other items. To ensure that these items are taken care of before moving day, consider: 

  • Transporting Them Yourself

  • Shipping Items

  • Selling or Donating Them

  • Educate Yourself on Local & State Laws (Firearms)

Items In Kitchen & Laundry Room

Your kitchen and laundry room have a variety of items that moving companies won’t move. The kitchen houses a lot of perishable food items and commonly holds a fire extinguisher, and your laundry room has a lot of hazardous items that moving companies won’t touch on moving day. Before moving day, make sure you: 

  • Consume or Dispose of Food Items

  • Follow Proper Procedures for Extinguisher Disposal 

  • Properly Dispose Bleach & Other Flammable Items

Items In Your Garage & Patio

Your garage and patio likely hold a lot of your outdoor items. Whether it is yard equipment and BBQ grills or light bulbs and gasoline, there are many items that a moving company won’t move because of the dangers they present during moving. To prepare for these items before moving, you should: 

  • Empty Out Any Yard Equipment

  • Donate Items You Are Leaving Behind

  • Dispose of Any Flammable Items 

Get Set For A Successful Move

If moving day comes and these items aren’t taken care of, you likely will have a headache to deal with since a moving company likely won’t touch them, and they’ll just be in the way. With these planning tips, you’ll be better prepared to deal with these items that way your local or long-distance movers can move the items they can move without issue.