As you move, you’ll notice that expenses appear quickly. Don’t let added costs ruin this exciting time. These cost-saving tips will help you stick to your budget to limit the amount of stress you experience during this upcoming move. Before you utilize these steps, create a budget so you know where to splurge and save.

Use Recycled Packing Materials

One of the first steps you’ll take during your move is packing. Packing materials add up, but you easily save by using recycled materials—get creative! Some ideas include:

  • Saving Paper and Bubble Wrap from Packages
  • Asking Friends or Neighborhood Websites for Extra Boxes
  • Using Linens and Towels to Wrap Belongings
  • Using Reusable Shopping Bags to Carry Items
  • Turning Dresser Drawers and Baskets into Temporary Moving Containers

Only Bring What You Need

Long-distance moving tends to be more expensive. By bringing only the items you need, you can spend less on gas, rental trucks, and other costs. Try selling items you don’t need for extra cash or donating items you don’t want to carry around. You can sell household items and furniture on reputable websites created for local neighborhoods. Or you can host a simple garage sale to clear out your space.

Limit the Number of New Items You Purchase

With local moving, many homeowners begin to pick things up here and there as they’re out. While you may be tempted to buy new items for your home, try to limit how much you purchase. Create a checklist of the items you’ll need right away and ones you can gather later on. Carry this checklist with you as you shop to prevent you from overspending.

Customize Your Moving Plan with an Experienced Moving Company Today

A moving plan helps you organize your entire move. This is a helpful tool for residential and commercial moving because it helps you know the exact services you’ll want to spend or save on. At Courtesy Moving and Storage, we help residents throughout the Fresno Metro Area with their full- and partial-moving needs. We’ll customize your moving plan so that you only pay for the services you want to use. This way you can receive the help of professional movers without additional costs. Give us a call to get started on your custom moving plan or begin with a free moving quote when you complete our online form!